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You can Print with Moon Rocks with our 3D Printing API

Yes, you read that right. But first a couple of other updates.

We just pushed a decent upgrade to our 3D Printing API. This was mainly a color update. You now have the capability to access Matte Black PLA, Red and Yellow Regular PLA and yes Lunar Simulant.

The new colors have been those requested by Users that we are confident that we can support reliably.

Since these update has been pushed these colors will also be available in the Etsy Integration. Matte Black has been a request for some time. We have struggled with having a reliable supplier. When adding colors to the API we want to be sure that you can rely on them. It is kind of pointless if they disappear after a few months. (Here is the API)

Now on to the good stuff.

We also added Basalt Moon Dust Filamet by Virtual Fondry. Why did we do this? Because we can. And Because it is moon dust. And that is just awesome.

Now it is a bit expensive. The Filament itself costs nearly $1 per gram. But its moon dust! We could've added wood filled, or gold filled, or even diamonds. But it is MOON DUST!.

This is the same basalt simulant that NASA uses to test rovers. Why would you not want this?Not to mention the fact that now people can try the material without having to buy the whole spool.

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