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Access our Print Farms

This API will allow you to access the capacity of all of our existing print farms. When a request is made, our system will choose the farm closest to the order and get it started.

Spare Parts Ordering

True Digital Warehousing. Make your supply chain more reliable by uploading your inventory. Then when you need a part it can be made on demand.

Bill per Part

At this time we are not charging any fees to access the API. Whatever you create will only be charged when a part is ordered.

Ecommerce POD

Create new products at the speed of thought. Never pay for inventory until a customer makes an order. You can now AB test physical products just like you would a page on your website.

Parts in 2-5 Days

Our systems have been refined to make sure that every part is delivered on time every time. If we can't do that then we have failed as a manufacturing process

Monetize 3D Models

Want to make your 3D model repository accessible to people without 3D Printers? You can now have a print service on call to make your models for customers that want the model without the work.

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