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Our Mission

What if it was as easy to manufacture physical parts as it is to create a website or app?

At Slant 3D we are working to make high-volume 3D Printing a viable and more scalable alternative to traditional manufacturing. We develop hardware, software and techniques to allow 3D printing devices to produce parts at any volume. Our current focus is on Large scale 3D Printing Farms.

Traditional manufacturing techniques require high up-front expenses and long term, high volume production of a components to amortize those initial expenses. But if there is a mistake in the product or the market changes, so that the product must be modified, companies may lose the entire investment in molds and tooling. This high risk also makes entry into high volume production challenging to small or new businesses.

3D printing allows an idea to go from conception to manufacture quickly and much more affordably. Since 3D printing materializes products, there are no tooling costs. This means that a company wishing to produce a product need only design it and then pay for the raw materials that are used to produce it in any volume ranging from a few dozen to several thousand. 

3D printing puts hardware products on equal footing with software products around production costs. Production Printing allows products to be produced at very low cost and constantly updated with no large up front capital expenditures. 


Slant 3D is a spinoff of Slant Concepts. Many of the technologies that we use were developed while manufacturing products for Slant Concepts. But it was soon realized that there was a necessity for the technology at other businesses and start-ups.


Today Slant 3D operates, as a 3D printing manufacturer, 24/7 producing parts and products for companies all over the US. Our first factory is the largest 3D Printing Farm in the United States

In addition to printing we also develop new printer technologies and software to improve the efficiency of 3D printing  within a commercial setting. Many of these advances can be found in our 3D Printing Farms.


We are making it as easy to create a physical product as it is to build a website.

In 2022 we broke ground on the largest 3D Printing farm in the entire world. Occupying a defunct Train Factory Our MegaFarm will house between 2000-3000 fully automated 3D Printers. This Factory is composed of more than 800 fully automated 3D Printers operating 24/7 producing industrial and consumer products in partnership with organizations such as Amazon and Johns Hopkins.

As we move forward we will continue to improve the automation and capabilities of our machines to make them more accessible at lower volumes and closer to where clients need the parts.

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About Slant 3D

Slant 3D Operates the Largest 3D Printing Farms in the world in order to Make Manufacturing Free and Unlimited

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