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Past Production Clients

Take a Look at Some of the Work We have Done in Mass Production 3D Printing


Haddington Dynamics

High Precision Robot Arm

Haddington Dynamics Came to Slant 3D to produce orders for their original kickstarter and on into regular production. They continued to grow and eventually sold for 26 million dollars.

fishing bobber (2).JPG

Wacky Bobbers

Custom Fishing Bobbers

Fishing Bobbers are boring. But Wacky Bobbers wanted to make them a bit more interesting. So they created an entire group of new fishing accessories that Slant 3D printed and shipped on demand. This let the Wacky Bobbers team focus on design and marketing.

fishing bobber (2).JPG


STEM Robotics Kits

LittleBots was a whole series of robotics kits that were designed entirely to be 3D Printing. Slant 3D supported the project from its inception all the way through 10 Kickstarters and Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Sales.

Custom Golf Tee Markers

We were approached to create an entirely new type of custom golf tee that would truly allow the brand to stand out on the greens. 

We took it about as far as possible.

Light Up Iron Man Hand-2.jpg

A Marketplace Created by Slant 3D. allows any designer in the world to market their 3D Printable products on the site. When a customer orders a product it is printed and shipped within 48 hours. This is the first time that a digital warehouse has been affordable and scalable enought to support large scale production perfectly on demand.

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