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Production 3D Printing

Slant 3D Utilizes the largest 3D Printing farms in the world to produce 100,000's of parts without the cost of tooling or the long term cost of managing inventory.

Our Capabilities

Benefits of Production 3D Printing

Production 3D Printing allows for mass production without the cost of molds. But building a supply chain on 3D Printing creates all kinds of other benefits for your business

Reduced Inventory

Since 3D Printing has not Minimum orders and is able to produce on demand you can reduce the inventory you have to hold. So instead of holding 1 years worth of inventory and pay the warehousing fees, you could simply restock each month with what is needed.

Update Your Design in Production

When using molding you are literally setting your design in stone. 3D Printing is a completely digital process so a design can be updated at anytime by just emailing over a new model.

Reduces Shipping

Slant 3D is deploying 3D Printing farms across the USA, with plans to expand globally. This allows us to produce your parts close to you. Reducing the time and cost of shipping product to your warehouses

Eliminate Waste

Some inventory does not sell. But 3D Printing allows you to produce as demand requires. That means you do not have to under or even worse over-produce. This reduces waste costs in your business and the environmental impact of scrapped plastic products.

Test Variations for Free

In order to test a slight variation of a physical product you used to have to cut an entirely new mold. But 3D Printing has no tooling. So you can create literally infinite variations of a product without the high cost of molds on each test.

More Design Freedom

Traditional manufacturing has very strict design requirements. While 3D Printing has ideal features and engineering practices, it is able to create literally any geometry you would like. This allows you to create literally any type of product exactly as you would like it.

Test Small Runs and scale to Production with less risk

There is no MOQ with 3D Printing. You can order 100 products and test them and then our giant 3D Printing farms can scale production to 100,000's without any new tooling or setup. You can just press on the gas and hit the speed you want.

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