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Why Layer Lines Don't Matter: Debunking the Myth in 3D Printing

Layer lines in 3D printing have long been considered an inferior feature, and many people believe that they need to be eliminated at all costs. However, the truth is that layer lines are not only easy to make disappear but they also don't matter and shouldn't be a concern at all. Here's why:

  • Layer lines used to be a major problem in 3D printing, but today, 3D printed parts don't really have that issue. They simply have a slightly linear texture that almost goes down to a linear matte on a really good 3D printed part.

  • Injection molded parts are smooth because they are forced to be smooth, but they are not better. Textures are expensive and almost unachievable in any context inside of injection molding, whereas 3D printing allows for textures of any kind.

  • If you want to get textures onto a 3D printed part, there are about three core ways that you can get it done: using CAD, using the fuzzy feature in Cura, or using slicers like IdeaMaker. These options allow for customization of the texture and control over the process.

In summary, layer lines are a feature of the 3D printing process, not a bug. They are not inferior, and in fact, they allow for the creation of custom textures that are impossible to achieve with injection molding. So, don't worry about layer lines and design your 3D printed product for the texture you want to create. Embrace the unique features of 3D printing and enjoy the endless possibilities it offers!


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