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What Does AI Generated Art Mean for 3D Printing?

In recent months, you may have come across images of teddy bears doing science, John Oliver with a cabbage, or even an astronaut on a horse. All these images were created without any human input. AI art generation tools, like DALL·E and GPT-3, can generate these images by using millions of images from the internet as a reference. Simply input a text description, and the AI will create an original image.

This has big implications for the 3D printing world and product design. With AI art generation, creating original designs is now faster and easier than ever before. For 3D printing, this solves a long-standing problem of creating 3D models. It can be slow to create new products because of the skills required for CAD or digital sculpting. With AI tools, this becomes irrelevant as users no longer need to have any sort of skill.

Although AI is currently only working with 2D images, it is only a matter of time before it will be able to create 3D models from text inputs. In the next three to five years, a user will be able to go to a website, input a description, and have the AI generate a 3D model for a 3D printer. This model can then be sent to a 3D printing farm and produced as a physical item. This has huge significance as it makes physical products completely unlimited, and allows for On-Demand manufacturing.

Another application of this technology is for users who need replacement parts for items like dishwashers. They can input the part number and the AI will generate the original CAD model for the item. This makes the manufacturing process much faster and less expensive, as well as reducing waste.

In conclusion, AI image generators have a huge impact on the world of manufacturing and product design. It's a perfect way to make things and meet consumer demands without the high expenses of inventory or shipping.

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