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Using Our New Etsy 3D Printing Integration

We recently released a 3D Printing Etsy Integration that allows you to connect your Etsy Store to our Print Farms. It is currently still in Beta. But It is functional and ready to be used. It is a great way to scale up production without having to purchase new printers. You just upload your files and match it to your products.

In this post we are gonna run through the startup process and let you know what is coming down the pipe.

First of all you login. For now we are only accepting google logins.

Once you are logged in you will be prompted to connect to your etsy store. This diverts you to an etsy login. Go ahead and logged in and that will grant permission to our app to connect to your etsy store.

Lastly you will need to add in payment information to setup your account.

Now you are fully setup.

You will probably want to check the pricing on your products. To get that you will need to upload a few. Go ahead and go to the "Files" page and hit the "Plus" button.

Your files will be uploaded. And our server will start processing them. This might take a few minutes depending on your designs. When they are done processing, a price to print the part will appear next to the file. This is what we charge to print, process, remove supports, and pack your part. (Shipping is billed when orders come through)

Now you have your files uploaded and what they cost to print. If that looks good, now you have to actually match the files to your products in your store.

To do that just go to "Products" you will see the items from your store. You will locate an item and then click match. That will pop up a window that lets you search your files. Select a file and select the color then click "match." You are matched!

We are officially taking orders for your store. As soon as a file is matched, when an order comes through for that product our machines will fire up and produce it. And It will ship a soon after.

When an order ships your card on file will be billed for the production of the part and the shipping cost. We ship via the lowest cost option between UPS and USPS. Generally parts under 1LB ship for 5-6 dollars and parts over 1 LB ship for 10-12 dollars.

Do let us know if you have any questions. Check out the Etsy App Page for more detailed info info. And check back on this blog for updates.

Right not the app only has a limited color pallet. And is restricted to printing in PLA.

The Print settings are

  • 0.2 mm

  • 25% Infill

  • Support Turned On (we remove support on parts)

That pretty covers it. Happy Creating. And Just leave the printing to us.

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Oct 09, 2023

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