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Real 3D Printed Products: Tons Cycling Stands

Today we want to highlight the exceptional products made by TONS, a Denmark-based company that specializes in manufacturing cycling accessories using 3D printing. Their minimalist Scandinavian design and innovative use of third-party components showcases the unique advantages of this manufacturing process.

Tons 3D Printed Products

Streamlined Design and Functionality with 3D Printed Products

Tons focuses on creating sports gear without the typical sport-aesthetic, offering cycling enthusiasts sleek and minimalist designs for their home workouts. Utilizing wooden stakes and basic inserts, Tons optimizes the functionality of their 3D printed parts.

Intelligent Product Assembly

Tons implements a smart approach to product design by using the same parts across their entire range. The variations in length of the wooden stakes allow for easy manufacturing while maintaining a premium appearance and high functionality. This method simplifies the assembly process, whether it's done by the customer or within a factory setting. The result is a beautifully crafted product that feels intentional and minimizes the need for extensive inventory management.

Tons 3D Printed Bicycle Laptop Stand

Advantages of 3D Printing for Products

Using bioplastics like PLA, Tons produces their cycling accessories in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, ensuring a high-quality end product for indoor use.

Adopting an on-demand 3D printing approach enables Tons to scale production based on customer demand, reducing excess inventory and waste commonly associated with traditional manufacturing.

  • One of the standout advantages of 3D printing for Tons is the ability to swiftly implement design modifications based on customer feedback.

  • Tons can incorporate suggestions and improvements into future product iterations, ensuring an evolving and customer-centric approach.

  • This flexibility also empowers Tons to explore new ideas and develop customized solutions, such as creating personalized trays with geographical maps, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Tons 3D Printed Product

Cost-Effective Design Elements in 3D Printed Products

Tons' stands feature a visually appealing grid pattern. Traditionally, creating such intricate designs would be expensive and challenging with conventional manufacturing methods.

3D printing offers a more affordable solution while minimizing material usage. This allows Tons to deliver aesthetically pleasing products without compromising on quality or increasing costs.


Tons exemplifies how 3D printing technology can transform the production of real-world products. Their focus on minimalistic design, the strategic integration of third-party components, and the utilization of 3D printing's ecological and economic advantages have enabled them to create exceptional cycling accessories. Furthermore, their commitment to continuous improvement and customization showcases the potential for 3D printing to revolutionize the way products are developed and tailored to individual needs. Tons sets a remarkable example of how 3D printing can truly make a difference in manufacturing.


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