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The World's Largest 3D Printing Farm Takes Shape

At the beginning on 2020 Print Farm Beta started construction. Within a month it started operating and was able to produce 10,000's of face shields during the height of the pandemic. It has continued to grow and produce parts at a rate of 1000's per week since. When fully complete Print Farm Beta will have over 800 3D Printers all producing parts on demand.

Print Farm Beta has been designed to truly scale up 3D Printing affordably. We have now reached a scale where 3D Printing is less expensive than injection molding up to about 50-100,000 pieces. But when factoring in warehousing, shipping, and lost inventory there are products that can never justify the up front cost of the mold. 3D Printing is the final option. But we are not stopping at production. Print Farm Beta will be supporting a new era in manufacturing and product design. Today entrepreneurs can manufacture a product without the cost of molds and then sell it. We want to eliminate the need to even manufacture the product before it is sold. is made possible by the 3D Printers in Print Farm Beta

Print Farm Beta is the backbone of, as well as other print-on-demand services and business. A part is only made when a customer orders it. This means that designers and entrepreneurs can just upload a 3D model and immediately have it manufactured and delivered all over the world. All without having to build a website or supply chain. Everything from printing to shipping is taken care of inside of Print Farm Beta. Print Farm Beta is basically the manufacturing equivalent of a server farm. Allowing small guys to have the same access as large guys. We are a manufacturing backend. Creators create and we take care of everything else. Print Farm Beta still has some buildout to be done. But it is ready to usher in a whole new type of business at scale. So a kid in a dorm room can create a product on the weekend and just upload it to start selling. We hope to christen one of our first 3D Printing millionaires on within the next year.

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