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Slant 3D to Build World's Largest 3D Printing Farm of 800 Machines.

Printer Farm Beta will produce hundreds of thousands of 3D Printed parts as an alternative to Injection Molding.

Since 2017 Slant 3D has been working to make mass production of 3D Printed FDM parts viable. We have designed and manufactured brand new 3D Printers such as the Mason. We have built one of the world's largest 3D printing farms. And we have started production of 3D filament in order to reduce cost to our customers. But now we are taking another large step. In 2020 Slant 3D will open a factory that will contain 800 automated 3D Printers. Called Printer Farm Beta, this will be the largest 3D Printing farm in the world.

Printer Farm Beta will dramatically increase the production capacity of Slant 3D. Allowing us to produce hundreds of thousands of 3D printed parts each month at cost and scale 3D printing has never achieved before.

The facility will be operated much like a server farm. Rows of machines will autonomously produce parts that will collect in bins until technicians retrieve them. Primary conveyors running down the center of the factory will deliver the bins of parts to Quality Control and Shipping All 3D Printers operate independently. Slant 3D Printers can produce parts for days without human interaction. The entire facility will be operated and monitored through the Cloud. The few technicians present will maintain and repair 3D printers as needed and ensure that all parts are produced to the client's specifications. The facility will open Feburary 1st, 2020. And will immediately begin production to help our clients start and grow their product lines. Slant 3D is on a mission to make manufacturing as simple as app development. Printer Farm Beta will truly make 3D printing a large scale alternative to injection molding at any volume.


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