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Slant 3D 3D Printed Filament Coming Saturday - The First Step on the Road to good $10 filament

So we will be releasing filament this Saturday.

It will be a small limited batch. Kind of an MVP.

Based on how that goes we will scale up more and get this formalized in to a true Slant 3D Printer Filament Brand

We are in a really unique position in filament manufacturing. We don't have to make the same margins on filament, nor do we have to offer a ton of options. We want to make sure that there is a low cost and reliable supply. Which is what we have built for our print farms.

But this is only the first step. Long term we want to push filament down to $10 per spool (profitably) to help FDM mass production 3D Printing continue to grow as an option.

We will be release the first batch of filament on on Saturday May 13th. And you can signup in the form below to to get a notification as soon as it comes avaialble. (Here is the link to the form if you the widget breaks below:


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