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Our Evil Master Plan to Make Good Quality But Cheap 3D Printer Filament

We have been making filament for years for our massive 3D Print Farms. And it makes sense. The Megafarm is speced out for 3000 machines minimum. We use a lot of filament. But making something for internal use and making a product is very different. But we think we have a plan that will let us do it and really help to drive down the cost of 3D Printer filament for other print farms and average consumers.

If interested in a spool of good quality but cheap 3D Printer filament please check out

How to Make Cheap 3D Printer Filament

Why are We Making $10 Filament

It is sort of dumb. The average cost of a spool of filament is about $25. So why are we doing it?

Because we can make cheap filament.

We have been making it for awhile for our internal use. And we have enough product experience to to go from industrial to consumer without majorly screwing up. And we think the filament industry can be improved by accelerating commoditization of basic filaments.

We can do what other's can't.

We are not a filament company. We are a 3D Printing company. We do not have to make a large profit on the filament because it pays for itself in improved factory effiency in our print operation.

It Helps us to make cheap 3D Printer filament

Springboarding on the efficiency. The longer we can run our filament extruders the more cost effective they are. By selling filament we can order more raw materials and run our machinery better reducing the cost of our raw materials in our print farms. We compete with injection molding. They pay for beads. We pay nearly a 10X markup on the beads once they are turned into filament. Making it ourselves solves that. And selling filament makes it more efficient.

The competition is good.

We are only going to focus on the basic materials. Which means that other filament suppliers can focus on colors, engineering features, whole new materials. That will help to create the materials needed to continue to allow 3D Printing to take over traditional manufacturing

So ultimately we hope we can help everyone by helping out

So that is the why and how. We will keep updates coming as it evolves. Have a great day Everybody.

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Jan 13

Looking forward to buy the clear filaments!

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