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Connect Your 3D Printing Etsy Store to 1000 3D Printers with our Etsy Store App

We have just released an Etsy App. This app will let you plug your 3D Printing Etsy store into our massive 3D Print farms. We will take care of the printing and shipping you can take care of your customers.


We have worked with a lot of 3D Printing Etsy stores over the years. Bakerstreet Cutters, has sold thousands of 3D Printed cooke cutters and every one of them was made by us.

But the process of connecting with us has always been a bit cumbersome. But now you can connect your 3D Printing Etsy store to us with just a few clicks. Introducing the Slant 3D Connect App for Etsy. With this new app you will be able to get access to our giant 3D Print Farms to support your Etsy store.

Who should Use this 3D Printing Etsy App

Needing Help with the Surges

Many 3D Printing Etsy Stores have challenges dealing with the uncertainly of the platform. Demand can drastically spike and Christmas can be overwhelming. Many 3D Printing businesses end up purchasing more machines for the surge only for them to go unused after. Or even worse they go "on vacation" no longer taking orders.

Ship Parts Faster

There is also the damage from long lead times. If it takes 2 weeks for your to print a product because your are backlogged you will lose more customers. Having access to hundreds of machines ensures that parts ship in days rather than weeks.

Make Life Better

There is also the strain of running an Etsy Store. You are expected to respond to messages within 24 hours. Even on weekends. You also need to launch new products regularly. How can do you that if you are changing nozzles and packing boxes all day long. We are able to take over the logistics of the printing and the shipping so you can focus on your customers and making great products.

How Does The 3D Print Etsy App Work?

3D Printing Etsy App Connection Process. How to Connect to Our Print Farm

Get a 3D Printing Etsy Store.

Number of sales do not matter. Parts do not matter. Just go ahead and setup an Etsy Store and get some products on it. Oh, and there is no signup fee.

Get our 3D Printing Etsy Store App

REally the only step here is signing up for the app and then inputting the link to your store and signing in so that app can connect to your store. Actually takes about less than a minute (as long are you are not rummaging for a password)

Upload The Files

Upload the 3D models for the product that you would like to have us produce and select the color. The files will be automatically sliced and quoted to be printed.

Match the Files to your Products.

Once the files are uploaded you can match them to the product that they belong to. This is so we know what to print when an order comes through.

Our 3D Print Farm Makes your Orders as They Come

Now that files have been uploaded and connected you have access to our Print Farms with hundreds of machines. Now whether you need 2 machines or 200 you will always have what you need.

We Ship It

The box will be a standard brown box packed with either paper or biodegradable packing peanuts. No Slant 3D branding will be on it (except for the return address on the shipping label). Your card will be charged for the cost of printing and shipping when the order is started.

Yes, We will Bill You.

When an order comes through your credit card will be billed for the cost of printing and shipping. There are no other fees.

Check on Us

We are a new partner. We get that. You should check up on us. We reccomend getting a test print of your file through our Print on Demand App to check the quality that your part will have. Some printers are different from others. It is important to make sure we are making what you are targeting for your product. The Settings used in the POD are the same as those used for Etsy.


There You Go

There is not that much more we can say. Specs are on the App intro page. We only print single color parts, the infill is 25%, the layer height is 0.2mm, only smaller files at first. Blah Blah Blah.

The best way to find out how it works is to try it out. This app is brand new, there are bound to be some bumps in the road. Please let us know if you run into any. This is a system that is supporting your business. It can't screw up. So we have to work quickly to make sure any errors are fixed immediately. Again, do please let us know.

Other than that. We hope we can help your business grow and make life just a little bit better.



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