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Hands-Free Ways of Opening Doors - Manufactured with Production 3D Printing

Coronavirus appears to be spread most quickly through direct contact with infected areas (as well as through microdroplets from sneezes and coughs). So we have created, and put into production several objects that can be used by the average person in their home or office, to help reduce the amount of contact with everyday surfaces such as door handles and Light switches.

We have put these into production so that those that need them can get them. The designs are all available and can be downloaded for free from the links at the bottom of the page to print in your own community.

Elbow Door Opener

Door handles are the most common surface that is shared among individuals. Materialize came out with an accessory that could be used on round handles. We have created one for normal square handles.

Design by Materialise

Handle Grabber

If you are not able or interested in preparing all the door handles in your facility to be opened without a hand, then the Handle Grabber may be a better option. This keychain accessory allows you to easily open doors and manipulate light switches without having to come into contact with them.,

3D Print Yourself

These files are all designed to be 3D Printed. The files for each are below.

doorhandle.stlDownload File

elbow_handle.stlDownload File

handle_grabber_v2.stlDownload File


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