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Etsy App Temporarily Pausing Operations

Hello Everyone,

We are temporarily pausing operations of our Etsy Integration App Effective immediately. We intend to come back online ASAP.

Just so you know we are fufilling any orders that have come through. And we have already discussed solutions with our larger users to ensure no one has a meaningful interuption in their operations. The Etsy app is meant to help small business. We cannot leave our users in a the lurch and we are not. We made it through the christmas season and are using the current lull to make some much needed changes.

Here is what happened.

About a week ago we received bug report of incorrect billing. Stores without matched files were being billed for orders processed. We addressed most of the reports within 24-48 hours and believed that we had fixed the issues. But the reports have persisted to today.

So far this type of bug has only occured with less than 10 user accounts. (We currently have hundreds of users) But this is something that we take very seriously. Etsy stores are small businesses. It is unacceptable to incorrectly bill a small business. So until we have completely squashed the issue we do not feel comfortable keeping the app operational.

All of the incorrect charges have been fully refunded and We have also sent along a $25-50 "apology payment" to the users affected.

We expect the app to be down for less than a week. During this time, while fixing the bug, we will also be making a number of other upgrades that have been requested.

We sincerely apologize to the affected users and will report back soon.

-Gabe Bentz CEO of Slant 3D

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Any news on how its going? 13 days later.

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