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Calling All Developers - We Want You to Steal These App Ideas From Us

We're excited to announce the release of our new API, which enables developers to seamlessly connect to our print farm, opening up a world of possibilities for innovative applications that were previously unimaginable. We're eager to explore the potential of this technology and invite you to join us on this journey.

One such application idea we're particularly excited about is Shopify integration. Imagine the possibilities for 3D printed Shopify stores to efficiently manage demand by connecting to our large print farm. Developers can create apps that streamline sales monitoring, offer projections, handle file preparation, and even implement subscription-based or transactional pricing models.

While we already have an Etsy integration in place, competition drives innovation. We welcome developers to challenge us and create solutions that benefit the entire industry. We're even open to featuring your app on our YouTube channel alongside ours because, ultimately, our goal is to democratize 3D printing and empower businesses to scale.

Prototyping services represent another exciting opportunity. By creating a platform that collects prototyping jobs and seamlessly integrates with our print farm, developers can simplify the prototyping process for customers. Additionally, an app solely focused on preparing 3D models for printing, optimizing orientation, size, and supports, could fill a significant gap in the market.

For those interested in creating personalized products, integrating our API into software for generating STL files could be groundbreaking. Whether it's cookie cutters, nightlights, or wall art, users could upload a photo and receive a 3D model without the need for a printer. This opens up access to 3D models for a wider audience, benefiting both creators and consumers.

Designers, repositories, and anyone with a collection of 3D models can also leverage our API to monetize their creations. By adding a "buy now" button to their models, they can earn royalties while we handle the printing and shipping. This model not only expands access to 3D models but also allows designers to profit from their work more effectively.

We're committed to showcasing the incredible applications built on our API. Whether you're developing one of the mentioned ideas or something entirely new, we encourage you to share it with us. We'll gladly feature your creations on our channel, as our mission is to highlight the potential of 3D printing and empower developers to innovate. We're excited to see how our API transforms the industry and look forward to collaborating with developers like you.


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