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3D Printing Architectural Models

Architects and builders have the challenging problem of communicating clearly what an expensive building will look like before it is built. There are no do overs. 3D Modeling has helped this problem a lot. Architects can show photo-realistic images of the building and the layout. But it is still not quite intuitive for people to understand what the actual physical building will look like. 3D Printing models of homes and buildings gives a clear and intuitive representation of what a building will be in a way that photos and drawings just can't communicate.

Coming from the Boise Valley, Slant 3D has a unique perspective on this problem. Real Estate and Building are two primary drivers of the economy locally. So we have been able to develop our capabilities around 3D Printing models of buildings and houses.

A 3D Printed Model of the Interior of a Furnished Home

Slant 3D produces thousands of 3D printed parts per week as an alternative to injection molding. All that is needed to take advantage of this is a 3D model of a building. Then it can be produced in large quantities for promotion of subdivisions and factory homes. The models can be on an agents desk and be a gift to the buyer when they select a home.

3 Foot Wide Model of a Medical Facility

But really the most important part of 3D printed architectural models is the communication. They make the layout and proportions abundantly clear. Humans think in 3D space. We have difficulty interpreting drawings and even walking through VR, because it just doesn't have the context that a 3D physical model does. These 3D printed houses ensure that there is no confusion between the builder, the buyer, or the designer. Buyers can hold the model to know what they will get. And Builders can use the model to communicate to subcontractors what they need.

Imagine how easy it would have been for the Romans to build the Colosseum if they had just had a 3D model to show the workers.

Would you like to have your architecture models 3D printed. Just submit them through our online quoting form and one of our engineers will be in touch.

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