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3D Printers Made in the USA

The vast majority or machinery and electronics are manufactured overseas. But as we have seen from the pandemic, this creates a dramatic bottleneck when those oceanic supply chains stop functioning. During the height of the Covid-19 crisis 3D Printers were nowhere to be found as they were deployed to manufacture PPE. But there are some 3D Printers that are assembled and manufactured in the USA. This not only makes them more reliable when supply chains overseas go down. But can also help long term with customer support and capabilities since they must be more than just the commodity machines that are often made in China.

The Printer Farm came first and then the Mason. Slant 3D focuses on large scale 3D Printing as an alternative to injection molding. In order to achieve that we had to design a machine that was durable enough to operate for years continuously without major breakdowns. Off-the-shelf consumer machines just could not hold up to that use. There was also a need brought forward by clients about sampling. When a new project started several iterations of parts had to be sent back and forth for verification. This delays the projects and adds cost. We created the Mason consumer printer so clients could complete prototyping at their facility and then move immediately into production using the scale that Slant 3D printer farms provide. In short the Mason is for going from prototype to production as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

The Lulzbot Taz machines were originally created by Aleph Objects, which was then acquired by Fargo Additive Manufacturing. The Original Taz 3D Printers were open source workhorse machines originally created at the height of the 3D Printing market. And that continues to be true. Made from sheet-metal and 3D Printed parts the Lulzbot machines and rugged and reliable. And they have a heritage that make them a good option for large size prototyping. And the team in Fargo is continuing to improve the machines and keep them relevant in the market.

A high end professional machine the F410 is targeted at both the industrial and education markets. With a very large and enclosed build volume it is able to handle performance materials, especially with its european designed E3D extruder. The F410 is a machine that must be quoted and ordered so the lead time is a bit longer. But it is a reasonable US alternative to the Ultimaker S5 made in the Netherlands if you have a need for large format machines.

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Mar 07

We have been running two Taz 6 printers for years at Prothero Professional Solutions. They have been absolutely flawless machines.

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