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3D Printed Business Cards. Stand out from Paper.

3D printed business cards really get attention. When you are at a trade show, a party, or any other event where you may give out a card, you want to ensure that it stands out. Slant 3D manufactures completely unique 3D printed plastic business cards. They are rigid and can be made in any size or shape that best defines your company. When everyone else is handing around slips of paper with different colored ink you want a card that make a statement.

3D printed business cards are also not more expensive than most premium business cars. They can be made for as low as 49 cents apiece.

To order your custom cards, simply send your logo to us with any information you would like on the card and any style preferences you have, and we will create a design and quote for you within 1-2 days.

Design tips

  • Provide <5 Key pieces of information for the card. (Name, e-mail, logo, phone, website)

  • Choose the shape of the card you would prefer.

  • Rim? No Rim?


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