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3D Print Architectural Models for Display or Giveaways

The Value of 3D Printed Architectural Models

It is hard to sell houses. It is a not a decision made quickly. When the customer leaves all they have is a flat floorplan to mull over. And you can't keep a version of every house available for walkthroughs. Combine that with the fact that some people just are not able to visualize 3D spaces very well, and you realize the need for a 3D model of what you are selling.

3D Printed Architectural Models Communicate the layout and scale of a building so much better than blueprints.

3D Models of homes and building make immediately clear what you are trying to tell the client. They can see how close the bedroom is to the living room and how much space the couch takes up. A 3D model of a new home can let a buyer "play dolls" with that home.

Sometimes you just need models of different inserts for customers to view the different styles

This makes communication so much easier. Especially when dealing with modular homes which can have components switched out to better meet the desires of the buyer But a decision is never made on the spot. Buyers need to mull it over. It is a large investment to buy a new home. But if you have a 3D printed model of the home for display you can also get a miniature model for giveaways. Each serious buyer could leave your office with a minature model of their future home. This keeps you in the forefront of their mind as they shop. And lets them gain connection with their potential new home. And if you ever call them up, they have a 3D floorplan to look at as you discuss.

Once a model has been made it can be scaled down and mass-produced as a giveaway. Including the internal floorplan

How is it Done

OK, so the value is pretty clear. 3D Printed Architectural Models improve communication and connection with the buyer. But how are they made? We first off Slant 3D would need a 3D Model. Ideally your builder or architect can provide 3D models of a building in .STL, .OBJ, or .STEP. Not all architects or architecture software can provide the files for 3D Printing. That is why Slant 3D has an inhouse design team that can take your floorplans and drawings and convert them to a perfectly printable 3D Model. If your inhouse folks have the ability they can see this article on creating Architectural 3D models for some tips. But do also contact your Slant 3D engineer for more specific information.

Simple Display Models can show the exterior and interior of a new home for the client

Once Slant 3D receives the 3D model then we will prepare it for printing. Our 3D Printing machine are limited in size. So for larger models the building will need to be broken into several pieces, that are printed individually and then slotted together later. We may also edit some features so that they are manufacturable. This can include tweaking windows and the thickness of the walls. Lastly if necessary we will work with you to create an removable roof so the inside can be viewed. Though it is perfectly alright to create an exterior-only architectural model. We can 3D Print either one.

That's all there is too it. Send us a 3D model and we can start printing. Once the model is sent over and finalized we will quote production for you. Whether it be a single large model or thousands of showroom giveaways. Both are equally feasible. ​Hopefully this has cleared up some of the challenges with 3D Printed architectural models. Let us know if you have any question.

Sometimes a building is just too odd to explain with drawings. A 3D Printed model shows every eclectic detail


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