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Worlds Largest 3D Printing Farm

Mass Production
Without the Molds

The Largest 3D Printing Farms in the United States. Eliminate your need for tooling, shipping, warehousing, and MOQ's

Why Choose Slant 3D

Cutting Edge Printers

Slant 3D designs and manufactures the 3D Printers in our Printer Farms, ensuring long term consistency and state of the art design.


Manufacturing contains infinite variation. That is why we work with each client individually to take their product to mass production

Durable, High Quality Materials

From ESD-Safe to Biodegradable to Aluminum Replacement. With our supplier network and internal 3D Printing materials we are able to meet your spec on any part.

Experienced Advisor Service

Each Project is given a 3D Printing Account Engineer to help with design optimization to ensure your product is ready for mass production

What We Offer

Mass Production 3D Printing is an ideal alternative to Injection Molding.

Thousands of parts can be manufactured without the up front cost and long term storage costs.


In The News

"Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the way we produce all kinds of physical goods and products... Companies such as Slant 3D are building the world’s largest 3D printing farms to provide the manufacturing capability that this revolution needs."

AZO Materials

"[Slant 3D] currently prints thousands of parts per week with most customers requesting production runs anywhere between 1,000 to 10,000 parts, and counts names like Amazon, Nickelodeon and Haddington Dynamics amongst its customers."

TCT Magazine

"By having full control of the machine design and materials, Slant 3D is able to produce parts much more quickly than other 3D printing farms that rely on third party manufactured printers which, if they fail, usually require a costly and time-consuming customer service call."

Past Projects

Our Clients



  • How Many Parts can 3D Printing Mass Products
    3D Printing Generally breaks even with injection molding on cost between 100-500,000 units. But with correct design and supply chain management 3D Printing can be a full replacement for injection molding into the millions.
  • Do you Make Prototypes
    We do produce prototypes with standard print settings and materials. You can view our pricing for that. If you need a design created then we can help as well.
  • Is 3D Printing Cheaper than Injection Molding
    3D Printing is on average less expensive than molding up to about 250,000 parts. But a number of factors effect this, ranging from design to material selection. Design is easily the largest factor. A part must be designed for 3D priniting to scale up. Our team is here to help with that.
  • Do You Sell 3D Printers
    We do not. We focus on making mass production 3D Printing viable for all types of businesses. Making a machine would distract us from our main job.