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3D Print DnD Terrain Fast and Easy

All you have to do is upload a model and pick your color. And your parts will arrive in 3-5 business days.

We use high resolution FDM 3D Printing that is able to take paint very well and allows you to focus on your set rather than worring about how to use a printer.

FYI. This service is not ideal for small character minatures. Terrain, dice towers, dice boxes are the best.

DnD Terrain 3D Print Settings

  • FDM

  • PLA (Paintable)

  • 0.2mm Layer Height (Twice the Thickness of a Hair)

  • 25% Infill

  • Supported

  • Printed in the Orientation that you Upload


Simple Use

  • Upload a File

  • Make the Payment

  • Get your Part (Lead Times depend on Size of Part and Quantity)

_2mm Macro Plain Texture.jpg
dnd terrain.00_01_12_18_edited.jpg
dnd terrain.00_00_14_05_edited.jpg

Try it Out Now

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