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We're Building a Testing Lab

At Slant 3D, we recently announced an upcoming initiative that we believe is crucial for the 3D printing community. We've been conducting testing videos on crushing and compressive strength, evaluating various infills and materials. However, we recognize the need for more formalized engineering data.

To achieve this, we're launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the purchase of a formal tensile and compression testing machine. This machine will enable us to conduct more precise and standardized tests, providing valuable engineering data. The Kickstarter will fund 20 videos based on these testing machines, and for the cost of a spool of filament, you can contribute to this endeavor.

Tensile and Compression Tester to test 3D printer filament
Tensile and Compression Tester to Test 3D Printing Materials

The campaign will include stretch goals for additional tests, such as UV testing, flammability testing, and impact testing. Our goal is to establish a lab for qualifying filament and 3d prints, addressing the current lack of a standardized qualification process for 3D printing materials. With your support, we aim to build a 3D printing qualification lab, where materials are not only verified but also qualified in their printed state.

UV Tester to test 3D printing filament
UV Tester to Test 3D Printing Materials

Impact Tester to Test 3D Printing Filament
Impact Tester to Test 3D Printing Materials

This initiative is essential for the industry's progress, providing a reliable data set and engineering chart for 3D printing materials. We believe that accountability and objective standards are necessary for the continued growth of 3D printing. Keep an eye out for the Kickstarter launch, and let us know if there are specific stretch goal tests you'd like to see.

Check out our Kickstarter below!


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