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Reduce Import and Fulfillment Costs with Remote Production via 3D Printing

Reduce the Cost of International Shipping by Teleporting Parts Via 3D Printing

The internet has allowed the sale of products to anyone in the world. Whether those be consumer or industrial products. But that access is ruined when the products have to cross borders or oceans. Shipping a crate overseas then paying tariff and warehousing fees significantly increases the cost of a product to the end-user. Wouldn't it be great if Parts and products could be "teleported" to the destination country with just an e-mail to save those shipping costs. With Production 3D printing that is possible.

3D Printing allows 3D models to be emailed and manufactured anywhere in the world. The trouble has always been there has never been a formal entity that can print your parts in the country where they are to be sold and ensure they are shipped to customers. 3D Printing services like Slant 3D allow products designed in one country to be produced and fulfilled in another country without the cost of shipping. And Slant 3D can hold your model in our digital inventory and produce it only when it is needed.

How it Works

  1. Send over a model of your 3D Printed Product from Anywhere in the World

  2. An engineer from Slant 3D will prepare a quote for printing and fulfilling your product

  3. Slant 3D will prepare several sample parts and send them to you for evaluation. (Or you can order a Mason 3D printer and use it for production of your parts, then sampling is not necessary. Because what comes off a Mason is identical to what is created in our 3D Printer farms)

  4. We will help you setup a system that forwards orders to Slant 3D.

  5. Start Selling in the US

  6. When orders arrive they will be printed and Shipped within the US. (We can also to custom packing and assembly if products are more complex)

  7. As you scale Slant 3D can scale with you. We produce thousands of parts every day.

By using Slant 3D you can take your product international and not have to deal with international shipping costs. And you have the huge production scale of Slant 3D. So you know that when demand rises we are able to back you up. This is a great resources of companies and entrepreneurs outside of the United States to send their production to the US without the high cost of shipping. 3D Printing is quickly becoming a best option for production of plastic parts. You have little-no inventory. You can send your parts anywhere in the world for free, and you are able to grow without any high up-front investments.

Who is Doing It.

Slant 3D already doing this with dozens of companies and entrepreneurs. They include companies like Uncommon, a project call Part Mason, and Etsy stores such as BakersStreetCuters. All of these products are manufactured and fulfilled from Slant 3D. But most of them are designed outside of the United States

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