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3D Printing Partner for Your Etsy Store

Etsy is a great platform to produce customized items for customers. Many etsy stores are popping up that create customized 3D Printed items such as cookie cutters, lamps, and other items. Most Etsy stores have to buy and maintain 3D Printers in order to produce 3D printed items. Which just adds that much more work onto a full-time job of operating and marketing your store as well as creating new designs, not to mention the cost of buying those machines. But it is possible to outsource all of the manufacturing a fullfillment so that etsy sellers can focus on product design and manufacturing.

BakersStreetCutters uses Slant 3D to create custom 3D Printed cookie cutters for their customers.

BakersStreetCutters uses Slant 3D to create custom 3D Printed cookie cutters for their customers.

How It Works

Get a Design or Idea for a Product To 3D print a product there has to be a computer 3D model of it. Slant 3D can help you create this. Or you can use resources like Fiverr and Submit the Design When the 3D model is ready you can submit it for a quote. A sales engineer will be put in contact with you and they will get you a quote to manufacture the product for your store and ship it to your customers when orders come in. All designs that are submitted to Slant 3D are kept confidential and will not be shared or utilized. Start your Store If you accept the quote then we will finalize the details and help you connect your etsy store so that when orders arrive they can be printed and shipped to your customer. We 3D Print and Ship When an order comes into your store. We will be notified or you can submit the 3D model to us (if it is custom) we will then 3D print the model and ship it to your customer. Have the Resources to grow as big and as fast as you need When you work with Slant 3D you have a the resources of one of the world's largest 3D Printing Farms to support you. Slant 3D is able to produce 10,000 parts per week and that is growing all the time. So as you sell more you can be sure that the infrastructure is there to support you.​

UnCommon Lamps sells beautifil custom lithophane lamps on Esty


How Long Does is Take for a Product to be Printed? Slant 3D works to produce any 3D printed part within 1-3 business days. So if your customer orders a custom cookie cutter on Tuesday, it will be shipped out to them no later than Friday. Cost? Since Slant 3D operates at such a large scale so smaller new products and stores can take advantage of of our economies and automation. That makes our cost of production very low. There is a monthly membership fee of $50 and then the quoted cost to produce your product. We understand the challenge to start a new store. But there are no minimum quantities, and you only pay for parts when a customer buys from them. What is the Quality? All of the Etsy stores that we have worked with have only 5 star reviews. BakersStreetCutters is a great example. We do not let quality drop. And if an order is not up to spec? We will reprint, reship, and refund the order immediately. Can I do more than 1 Item? You can do infinite items. We work with stores that do customization of every single item. So a doorstop may have a name engraved. And we work with stores that have 5-20 core products that we manufacture or support them with. There are no restrictions on the number of designs that we can produce for you. What 3D Printing Process do you use? We use the FDM 3D printing. This is most commonly used on Etsy and is the lowest cost 3D printing process in existence. And it allows our clients to access low cost hardware for prototyping of new designs.


Etsy is a great platform that has great opportunity for 3D printed products. And now it is easier than ever to start a small online business with 3D printed designs. All you have to do is upload a design, setup an etsy, store and pay when someone pays you. The cost to launch a new product is nothing. And there is no inventory and no hassle of printing and shipping the item. Now you can focus on the design and sales of your products.

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Sep 29, 2023

Is the shipping cost part of the quote? I only got one dollar amount and I am not sure if that includes the shipping, or if that is added extra for the customer?

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